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  • Be reminded to prepare the one-on-one meeting agenda
  • Touch base on a regular basis
  • Get status updates on career goals

Your people are your greatest resource. Use Tadum to stay connected to them through collaborative one-on-one meetings. Tadum helps you keep on top of your meetings, get status updates on career goals, and keep a record of action items and history.

Instead of meeting once a year for an annual performance review, regular one-on-one meetings (also known as touch base meetings and catch up meetings) provide an ongoing feedback loop. In Tadum, career goals, performance discussions and challenges, and progress metrics all get recorded. It’s a place to voice goals and direction and identify problems early to give both the manager and employee time to proactively address them.

Be reminded to prepare the one-on-one meeting agenda

With so many day-to-day demands it’s easy to forget to prepare an agenda before your one-on-one meeting. Tadum sends an automatic reminder to the person responsible for the agenda so that this important step isn’t forgotten. An agenda makes a big difference in setting expectations for what will be discussed and for keeping the conversation on point. Tadum agendas allow real-time access to your team members so everyone can engage and collaborate.

Touch base on a regular basis

Tadum facilitates one-on-one meetings by giving both the manager and employee an easy but structured way to connect on a regular basis through our online shared agenda. Whether one-on-one meetings are weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, they should be set at the same time and day to get a consistent rhythm in everyone’s calendars. In Tadum, you can set your rhythm to whatever frequency works for you. Our Google Calendar integration means you have easy access to the agenda in the calendar invite.

Get status updates on career goals

One-on-one meetings are a good time to talk about career goals, development and coaching opportunities. Tadum helps you record goals and keep track of progress on courses, training, conferences, and professional development opportunities. In each agenda your updates role forward automatically and can be marked as on target, at risk, or off target.

Identify and follow up on action items

To achieve those goals and continually improve, action items (or todos in Tadum), need to be broken down and recorded. In Tadum, you can easily record your Todo with a due date and person responsible. Those Todos stay on your agenda until they are marked as done so everyone knows what needs to be worked on or completed before the next meeting.

Long term employee performance history

One-on-one meetings are the building blocks of annual performance reviews. In Tadum, you can take your meeting minutes right on the agenda and keep an ongoing history of performance and development. These minutes are vital if you run into any ongoing challenges with a particular person and need to take disciplinary action or for high achievers who deserve commendation for their great work and for making decisions about compensation. Tadum minutes are automatically saved as a read-only document when you complete the meetings so you always have easy access.

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