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  • Run your project management meetings on a rhythm
  • Automatically write an agenda using the meeting agenda template that works for you
  • Easy project meeting preparation

Run your project management meetings on a rhythm

Project management meetings are most effective when they happen on a repeating schedule, also called a cadence or rhythm. Tadum helps you set up your rhythm for your recurring meeting once and then automatically sends reminders and rolls forward for the appropriate date and time. They recur at the same time, same day, with the same format. Tadum’s integration with Google Calendar keeps that meeting rhythm in your calendar, complete with a link to the most recent agenda.

Automatically write an agenda using the meeting agenda template that works for you

Every meeting is made up of some combination of the following section types: Todos, Attachments, Discussions, Updates, and Metrics. With Tadum, you can build your agenda template with any number or combination of these sections. You can keep your meeting focused and cover whatever agenda items are best for your team. Once your template is built the first time, future agendas are automatically carried forward using the same format.

Easy project meeting preparation

Keep the communication flowing and your projects on track. Once you have set up your project management meeting agenda in Tadum once, your future meetings are a snap to prepare for. Tadum automatically rolls forward all your open discussions, updates, tabled items, and todos. No copy-pasting from old agendas and no trying to remember what you wanted to bring up from the last meeting. Tadum reminds you to prepare the agenda and hen, when it is ready, you can send it out to your team members prior to the meeting so they have time to prepare.

Built-in team accountability and engagement

In Tadum, all action items or todos have to have a person and a due date assigned to them so there are less, “I forgot I said I would do that,” moments. Your team members know that the items on the agenda with their name next to them will stay on the agenda until they are marked as done which helps encourage accountability.

Tadum also allows for real-time access to the agenda for all team members which means everyone can access the agenda at the same time. Everyone can add agenda items, comment on existing discussions, and mark items as done which is great for keeping your people on the same page and engaged in your meetings.

Keep on top of project status updates

Project status meetings help you keep your finger on the pulse of your projects. You can quickly get an overview of projects or parts of projects, that are on target, at risk, or off-target by including them in the Updates section of the Tadum agenda. This section helps keep your meetings moving efficiently. Anything worth discussing can be added to the Discussion section, otherwise, you can quickly move through the updates and on to what is important.

Measure your project success with metrics

Tadum helps you track ongoing metrics meeting to meeting for things that help you measure the success of a project in the Metrics section. Things like the number of hours spent, remaining budget, customer satisfaction, etc. Your status meeting agendas give you a snapshot of where your projects are at and help both prevent problems before they happen, or solve problems as they come up.

Accessible project history and background

Project management meeting minutes provide the history and background of your projects. In Tadum, you take your meeting minutes on your agenda. When you finish your meeting, Tadum automatically saves your meeting minutes as a read-only document so you have a history of what was discussed, decisions that were made, and all past updates, todos, and metrics. Tadum stores all of your meeting minutes in one, easy-to-access place, so you are not hunting for them in the abyss of your email or on a random shared drive. If you add a new person to the project team they can easily look back over past meeting minutes and get up to speed. You can also easily search for past decisions and discussions instead of trying to remember what was said in that meeting that happened 6 months ago.

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