Everything you need to run high-value meetings.

Tadum combines best practices with rolling agendas so that you can run meetings that are consistent, efficient, and accountable.

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Agendas for weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetings are automatically created based on the last meeting's minutes


Agendas must be sent out before a meeting so everyone is prepared, and the team can update the agenda in real-time


Agenda items must have a person and due date assigned, and all items carry forward until complete

Why should my team use Tadum?

We have a single goal: help teams run high-value meetings. If your meetings don’t feel useful and you’re ready for change, then Tadum is for you.

How do you know if your team has low-value meetings? Well... you already know, don’t you? ;) But some signs of low-value meetings are:

  1. Meetings happen as a one-off with no follow-up
    A follow-up meeting is what keeps your team accountable. Meeting on a steady rhythm (also called a cadance or heartbeat) keeps your team moving towards your goals.
  2. An agenda isn’t sent in advance (or, ugh, doesn’t even exist)
    This leads to: 1) drawn out discussions because no one had time to prepare, 2) meetings with unclear goals, and 3) no anchor to pull the meeting back on-topic when things go off-topic.
  3. There’s no tracking of accountability or decisions
    If your team has a meeting, and no one writes down what was agreed, did the meeting really happen? We don’t think so!
  4. Meeting minutes aren’t sent to the people who couldn’t attend
    This leads to another meeting to “loop in” the people who couldn’t attend. The second meeting covers the exact same ground as the first meeting. It’s a waste of time!

How does Tadum help my team run high-value meetings?

Fast and easy agendas

Every meeting has a person accountable for sending out the agenda in advance (1 hour, 1 day, 2 days, 1 week). Once an agenda is received, all participants can add comments or new agenda items. This asynchronous prep work sets the expectation on what will be discussed and keeps the meeting focused.

Real-time meetings

You can see who has the agenda open and watch one-another make changes in real-time. Open, Close, and Table each item as you work your way through the agenda.

Carry-forward all open items

When a meeting is complete all open and tabled items are automatically carried forward to the next agenda. No more copy/pasting items into the next agenda! No agenda items are lost!

Always book the next meeting

All Tadum meetings are part of a repeating meeting rhythm (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually). This makes it easy for your team to regularly communicate and creates accountability. Regular, quick, and structured meetings will get your team humming along in no time!

Share minutes by default

When a meeting is closed, read-only minutes are automatically sent to the team. It’s easy to pull up old minutes without digging through your inbox or Downloads folder.

A sprinkle of good habits

We standardize things like: types of agenda items, dates, and document naming. For example, we don’t let you create a todo or KPI without assigning a person and due date. This gives your team a consistent language, which is key to high-value meetings.

But what about...

But what about agendas with Google Docs or Microsoft Word?

Sure, you could run agendas by hand with other apps: but you’re not, are you? Important steps for a high-value meetings are manual (e.g. sending out minutes, reviewing the agenda before a meeting) These manual steps are where good meeting habits break down.

But what about scheduling and calendar invites?

Tadum is focused on the best meeting agenda experience possible, and doesn’t try to schedule a meeting, book a room, or send out calendar invites. You can keep using your current system for this!

But what about video and phone conferencing?

Tadum doesn’t provide any video or phone conferencing. But your agenda will work with any conferencing software, just include the shared agenda link with the meeting invite.

But what about meetings that are paper-only?

Sorry friends, this isn’t the kind of meeting we run or want to improve. Paper-based meetings take too much discipline for most teams. We tip our hats to you if you can pull it off :)

But what about Asana/JIRA/Trello?

All your todos are in your project management app? Great! But how stale is that data? Does anyone actually read it? We know that good meeting habits are complementary to project management tools. Project management apps are about queuing and recording action, and meetings are about decision making and accountability. Tadum benefits your team in two ways:

  1. To prepare for a meeting you need to review all of your todos and update them. Regular pruning, so to speak.
  2. Nothing is “done” until it’s been communicated that it’s done, and we think the best place to do that is in a structured meeting, not by closing a ticket.

Meetings suck and I hate them

That’s not a question! Sure, meetings can be the worst. It’s why we know investing in a tool like Tadum is worth it: high-value meetings don’t suck.

But what about one-off / ad hoc meetings?

We don’t like one-off meetings, because they don’t built a rhythm. But these one-offs usually have a good reason to exist (e.g. sales meetings, damage control meetings). You’re able to create ad hoc meetings in Tadum and still receive the benefits (e.g. consistent structure, automatic notifications).

How do I get started with Tadum?

I’m glad you asked: Start your free 30-day trial or email us one of your agendas and we’ll set it up for you!