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What our customers are saying

Alberto Vena

As a fast-growing web agency, we were facing more and more issues trying to keep our recurring meetings on track. With Tadum, we now have all the tools we need to make every meeting a success. We love it!

- Alberto Vena, Nebulab and Solidus

Karen Unland

Tadum makes sure that meetings help me do my job, instead of being yet another thing I need to do.

- Karen Unland, Alberta Podcast Network

Fast meeting preparation

Fast meeting preparation

Tadum makes meeting preparation a snap. Meeting agendas are automatically drafted with all open items from the previous meeting carried forward. Read-only meeting minutes are automatically created at the end of each meeting, and accessible from one central online location. No more copy-pasting previous meeting agendas!

Rolling action items

Rolling action items keep your team accountable

Tadum agendas help your team stay accountable by rolling forward any open todos and discussions. When you're done a meeting Tadum will automatically draft the next meeting agenda with these items so they don’t get lost. This means fewer "oh, I forgot I said I'd do that" moments and things actually get done between meetings!

Automatically generate the minutes

Automatically generate and email the minutes

Tadum acts as a meeting minutes template, formatting and organizing items for you automatically so you can keep good meeting minutes. When you finish a meeting, Tadum creates read-only minutes that include all agenda items and comments, so you can always dig up a past discussion or decision.

Consistent meeting agenda format

Consistent meeting agenda format

Our meeting management tools give you everything you need to prepare your agenda and get organized for your meetings. Every agenda can have any number or combination of our five section types: Todos, Attachments, Discussions, Updates, and Metrics. You can prepare the agenda topics based on whatever works best for your team.

Effective, efficient Meetings

Effective, efficient meetings

The habits and activities that make meetings effective and efficient are built in. Tadum ensures your meetings can focus on what’s actually important: driving results.

Share an online agenda

Share an online agenda with attendees

Tadum is a cloud-based agenda accessible to all meeting attendees. During the meeting, see who has the agenda open and watch one-another make changes in real-time. Open, Close, and Table each item as you work your way through the agenda. This makes it easy to communicate during and between meetings.

Use on a laptop, tablet, or phone

Record notes, decisions, and todos on your laptop, tablet, or phone

Keep up with your meetings in the boardroom or on the go. You can access and record your agenda and minutes from your laptop, tablet, or phone. Tadum is meeting management software with easy access for everyone, no matter where they are.

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