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  • Run your weekly meetings on a rhythm
  • Automatically write an agenda using the meeting agenda template that works for you
  • Track action items week-to-week

Don’t spend time manually duplicating past agendas, digging through old emails, or scrambling to prepare for your meeting. Tadum helps you prepare for your weekly meetings with regular reminders, automatically drafted agendas to keep track of everything week-to-week, and easy collaboration.

Run your weekly meetings on a rhythm

Weekly team meetings (aka staff meetings, team meetings, and heartbeat meetings) are most effective when they happen on a repeating schedule, also called a cadence or rhythm. They recur at the same time, same day, each week, with the same format. Tadum helps you set up your rhythm for your recurring meeting once and then automatically sends reminders and rolls forward for the appropriate date and time. Tadum’s integration with Google Calendar keeps that meeting rhythm for your weekly staff meetings or weekly management meetings in your calendar, complete with a link to the most recent agenda.

Automatically write an agenda using the meeting agenda template that works for you

Every meeting is made up of some combination of the following section types: Todos, Attachments, Discussions, Updates, and Metrics. With Tadum, you can build your agenda template with any number or combination of these sections. You can keep your meeting focused and cover whatever agenda items are best for your team. Once your template is built the first time, future agendas are automatically carried forward using the same format.

Track action items week-to-week

There are few worse things than walking into your weekly meeting only to realize that either:

  1. You forgot to do something you committed to last meeting, or;
  2. Someone else forgot to do something they said they would do for you.

It’s easy for this to happen with the usual weekly juggle of meetings and tasks. In Tadum, it’s also easy to prevent! As part of your weekly meeting minutes, every action item (what Tadum calls a Todo) that comes up in your discussions can be immediately recorded and assigned to a specific person and due date.

Tadum takes this accountability a step further by automatically carrying those Todos forward with each weekly meeting agenda until it is marked as Done. This means that your action items and Todos don’t get buried in past meeting minutes and are kept top of mind. This helps create a culture of accountability in your organization.

Breeze through status updates

Here at Tadum, we believe the best meetings are future-focused and centered on problem-solving. While status updates are important, they can be shared outside of meetings, or included in an agenda for reference but not discussed. Tadum allows you to easily include attachments like documents, images or URLs to your agenda to be read before the meeting.

Tadum agendas also have an Updates section. Updates are a snapshot of the status of your overarching goals or projects. They can have a state of On Target, At Risk and Off Target. They are meant for information only, not for discussion. If there is something specific you want to talk about for any of these goals or projects (like something that is Off Target), you add them as a separate Discussion item. Otherwise, you can breeze through Updates without wasting time.

Effective meetings with easy collaboration

Whether you are running weekly staff meetings, team meetings, or management meetings, Tadum helps you run effective meetings with easy collaboration. When you are finisehd preparing your Tadum agenda it is automatically emailed to all of the appropriate team members. Everyone can then access the agenda (at the same time!) and add any updates, comments or new discussions. Since your team can see the agenda ahead of the meeting, it sets expectations for what will be covered, what they need to do to prepare, and reminds them of their Todos. This makes your meetings more effective because you are not wasting time trying to get everyone up to speed and everyone is prepared.

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