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SoapBox and Tadum are meeting agenda and minutes tools. SoapBox relies on simple, checklist oriented agendas. Tadum is based on automatic agenda and minutes generation that saves you time and effort. Tadum is focused on recurring agendas and offers more depth with its modular sections and todos. There are many facets to both apps and by the end of this comparison you will find out which features are important to you and how they can give your meetings a productivity boost.

Tadum versus SoapBox

Force accountability
Meeting rhythms
Track metrics, KPIs, OKRs
Agenda reminders
Assign todos with due dates
Opinionated agenda sections
Private meetings
Meeting participants may view meetings without signing up

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Manager vs Leader Centric

Manager-Centric vs. Leader-Centric

SoapBox is manager-centric and focuses on managers’ engagement with their employees. SoapBox answers the questions “how can I get my employees to engage with the material?” and “how can I get feedback from them?”. Tadum works to elevate any meeting leader and their team through structured, real-time collaboration. This means leadership teams, project managers, business owners managing client relationships, and many others can utilize Tadum. Participants can access the agenda ahead of meetings so they can be prepared, provide their own updates, and create agenda sections. Tadum focuses on the collaboration side of meetings and not necessarily the top-down movement of information. Tadum encourages good meeting practices so everyone can get the most out of their meetings.

Track Metrics

Track metrics

With an agenda section devoted to metrics, Tadum makes tracking KPIs and OKRs easier than ever. The metrics section tracks data on a roll forward basis for the last 3 meetings to give you a recent snapshot so you can watch for patterns. Tadum encourages accountability by keeping you up-to-date on your progress and goals. SoapBox does not have a similar agenda section.



SoapBox structures your agenda with a checklist-style page and offers a wide variety of templates that create a meeting agenda populated with theme-relevant items. Tadum offers a productive layout composed of modular sections that allows a holistic view of your entire meeting. Tadum does not use templates and instead employs opinionated sections: Todos, Attachments, Discussions, Updates, and Metrics. These discrete sections are powerful building blocks that ensure your agenda doesn’t get bogged down by inflexible templates. The modular format also gives you endless possibilities for setting up any kind of agenda.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly

Tadum is designed to work seamlessly across devices in your web browser of choice on phones, tablets, and desktops. SoapBox encourages desktop use or the use of their iOS or Android app on mobile. Tadum is ensures your meeting participants can access the meeting quickly from any device without the need to install a new app.



In SoapBox you can toggle agenda items to be recurring so they always appear on the next meeting agenda and open items automatically roll forward. SoapBox creates a read-only version of your meeting as minutes when you complete a meeting. Tadum also automatically generates your meeting minutes and your next agenda when you finish a meeting. One of the big differences is that agenda items in Tadum have different states such as Tabled, Closed, or Done, and On Target, Off Target, or At Risk which provide more depth and context to your agenda and minutes. They also provide a visual of the status of an agenda items so you can see them at a glance. Closed agenda items make up your minutes and open or tabled agenda items automatically roll forward to your next meeting.

Force Accountability

Force Accountability

Assigned tasks with due dates are fundamental accountability tools in SoapBox and Tadum. However, in Tadum, tasks must be assigned to a person with a due date which ensures someone is accountable for that action. SoapBox allows tasks to be made without assigned people or dates which can lead to forgotten work.

Guest Access

Guest Access

SoapBox and Tadum both allow access to meetings without signing up. Users without Tadum accounts have read-only access to meetings as guests. It’s easy to include clients and business partners in your meetings without making them sign up for anything.

Here's why meeting leaders are making the switch to Tadum

Alberto Vena

As a fast-growing web agency, we were facing more and more issues trying to keep our recurring meetings on track. With Tadum, we now have all the tools we need to make every meeting a success. We love it!

- Alberto Vena, Nebulab and Solidus

Karen Unland

Tadum makes sure that meetings help me do my job, instead of being yet another thing I need to do.

- Karen Unland, Alberta Podcast Network

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