The automatic meeting and minutes alternative to First Agenda

Tadum is the First Agenda alternative that lets you worry less about drafting agendas and instead automates your agenda and meeting processes to give you more time for what matters.

Tadum versus First Agenda

First Agenda
Automatically create agendas
Meeting rhythms
Roll-forward agenda items
Assign todos to team members with due dates
Google Calendar integration
Opinionated agenda sections
Force accountability
Meeting participants may view meetings without signing up

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Automatic Agendas

Automatically Create Agendas

Tadum automatically creates your next agenda when you finish a meeting. The new agenda is made up of any items that were not closed during the previous meeting. This way no items get forgotten!

Recurring Meetings

For Recurring Meetings

Tadum meetings are recurring by default with the help of rhythms. Meetings that occur regularly, predictably, and with a structured agenda are more productive because they set clear expectations for your team. Everyone on your team knows when they are meeting and what they should be prepared for.

Assign Todos

Assign Todos to Team Members with a Deadline

Accountability is important to ensure decisions made in meetings actually get carried out. When assigning todos in Tadum you must assign them to a specific person with a due date. No more “Shoot I forgot to do that!” or “Remind me for next time!”, todos appear front and center on the Tadum dashboard and carry forward on the agenda until they are marked as done.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar Integration

Connect your Google Calendar to Tadum to streamline your workflow. Meetings are automatically added to your calendar with a link to your upcoming agenda for easy access.

Opinionated Sections

Opinionated Sections

Tadum offers a productive layout composed of modular sections that allows a holistic view of your entire meeting. Tadum does not use templates or lists and instead employs opinionated sections: Todos, Attachments, Discussions, Updates, and Metrics. These discrete sections are powerful building blocks that ensure your agenda doesn’t get bogged down by inflexible templates.

Force Accountability

Force Accountability

Tadum’s meeting rhythms and reminders create a predictable schedule that allows your team to be prepared and ready to go for the next meeting. Combined with Tadum’s todos, which are assigned to specific people with deadlines, everyone knows what they are responsible for and by when. Action items don’t fall through the cracks which helps keep your projects on track.

Guest Access

Guest Access

When you want to include clients or business partners in a meeting they shouldn’t have to sign up for anything. Tadum lets guests view the meeting in read-only mode so they can be in the loop without having to go through a registration process (unless they want to!).



Supporting documents are important for keeping you and your team informed. With Tadum’s Attachments section just link or upload the files you need and they’ll be ready to go for the meeting.



In Tadum team members can leave comments on agenda items. This encourages engagement and increases accountability as there is a record of the discussion that took place during the meeting.


Available on Any Device

Tadum is easy to use in any web browser on any device. Don’t worry about playing tech support before each meeting! Team members can easily access agendas regardless of platform or technical experience.

Here's why meeting leaders are making the switch to Tadum

Alberto Vena

As a fast-growing web agency, we were facing more and more issues trying to keep our recurring meetings on track. With Tadum, we now have all the tools we need to make every meeting a success. We love it!

- Alberto Vena, Nebulab and Solidus

Karen Unland

Tadum makes sure that meetings help me do my job, instead of being yet another thing I need to do.

- Karen Unland, Alberta Podcast Network

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