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How can I keep business meetings short?

To keep your meetings short, they need to have an agenda, a clear objective, a disciplined moderator and the right people.

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What tense and phrases do I use for meeting minutes?

At Tadum, we like to record meeting minutes directly into our agendas.

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Can you have fewer meetings and still be successful?

The number of meetings you need to have depends on what you are trying to achieve by having them and how well they are executed.

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What is an ad hoc meeting and what are they for?

Learn what an ad hoc meeting is and how they are organized.

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Are team meetings still relevant?

Team meetings are vital to keeping your team connected and important part of intentionally building a positive culture. The number and structure of your team meetings will vary. So will their purpose. 

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How often do you run a status meeting?

How often you hold status meetings depends on the scope and length of the project, the complexity of the project and the urgency of communication, and the purpose of the status update meeting.

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What are some things you can do to have effective meetings?

Effective meetings are organized, collaborative and structured. Learn 8 things you can do to have effective meetings.

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What are some item checklists for running impressive meetings?

Use this checklist to help you run impressive, effective meetings.

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How to Save Time in Meetings

Time is our most precious resource and yet we waste an incredible amount of it in unproductive meetings. By creating good habits and processes you can make your meetings more efficient, productive, and help your team stay accountable. Learn 4 ways to help you save time in meetings.

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EOS Level 10 Meeting Agenda Template Example

The Level 10 meeting agenda template of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is a popular way to run meetings. Learn how to set up a Level 10 meeting using Tadum and try our Level 10 Meeting Agenda Template.

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