Team meetings are vital to keeping your team connected and important part of intentionally building a positive culture.

The number and structure of your team meetings will vary depending on the type of business you run, the size of your team, and if your team is located in the same space or distributed. The purpose of different team meetings also varies.

  1. Daily standup meeting - purpose is for everyone on the team to share what they are working on today and if they have any blockers. They keep everyone on the same page, give context to the rest of the team on what everyone else is working on, and encourages accountability since everyone has to share what they are working on regularly. Each person should only have up to a minute to give their update and the standups should be 10–15min.
  2. Weekly team meeting - these are often more in-depth but are a regular touch point for the team to connect. They should be structured with an agenda sent out ahead of time and generally future-oriented (e.g. less about reporting on what has already happened and more on blockers and future work). These meetings should be run at the same time/date every week so there is a rhythm.
  3. Quarterly strategic planning meeting - these are often done only by management/leadership but having the team involved for at least part of the quarterly planning will help establish buy-in on initiatives and give everyone a voice.

Team meetings, if structured, consistent, and well-run, are how your team stays connected, accountable and can work efficiently together.