Most meetings should be paperless, otherwise the materials end up in a random pile somewhere, never to be looked at again.

The best way to ‘dispatch papers to meeting participants’ depends on what you are trying to share and how much interaction you want the people you are sending the documents to have with them.

  • Do you want them to make comments/edits to the documents prior to the meeting?
  • Is there any benefit to real-time collaboration with multiple people accessing and making changes to the documents at the same time?
  • Is there an agenda for the meeting that will be sent out ahead to the meeting?
  • Are the meeting participants supposed to add to the agenda?

There are a variety of online meeting tools that will help you with various pieces of the questions above. There are document sharing services like Dropbox or Google Docs. Email of course (which is often a black holes). There are also tools that manage and automate the entire meeting flow from agenda to meeting to meeting minutes, including document sharing and notifications (like Tadum!).

That said if you just want everyone to have the docs, share them via Dropbox or Google Drive so that everything is in the same place for everyone to find.